Lanterns Wall Art

Lanterns Wall Art


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The fanoos or lantern in Arabic has become symbolic of Ramadan in the Middle East. While there are a number of differing stories relating to the origin of the fanoos, all of them point to Cairo as the birthplace of this lantern.

The story goes that around one thousand years ago, on the 5th of Ramadan of the Hijri (lunar) year 358 (969 A.D.), Cairenes were expecting the arrival of al-Mu’izz li-Din Allah al-Fatimy at night. To ensure that the Caliph’s entrance would be properly illuminated, Gawhar al-Siqilli –Fatimid military commander and viceroy at the time, ordered the city residents to light the path by holding candles along the pathway. To prevent the candles from getting extinguished, the townspeople placed their candles on wooden bases and enclosed them with palm and light skin. As the Caliph walked through town, he admired the design, and from there on, the tradition of lighting a fanoos during Ramadan was born.

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Stretched canvas on Meranti wood
Dimensions45 cm x 60 cm