Evil Eye Tray

Evil Eye Tray


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AED 288.75


The evil eye is believed to be a curse cast by a glare that will cause a person misfortune. It is believed that there are three types of evil eyes. The first are the unconscious evil eyes that harm people without intending to. The second type intends to harm. The third one is an unseen and hidden evil which is the most dangerous of them all. Ward off the evil eye in style with this brightly colored designer tray. Perfect as a dining accessory, gift from Dubai or unique souvenir from the UAE.


Handmade, water- resistant MDF with high definition metal print
DimensionsDimensions Dimensions Medium = 32 (L) x 22 (B) x 6 (H) cm
Large = 42.5 (L) x 32.5 (B) x 6 (H) cm